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Five Nines (99.999%)

Assured Network Powered

By cpITelecom

With cpITelecom’s Five Nines (99.999%) Assured Network you can feel confident in knowing that your business is getting the best price and management services for a bulletproof network. 

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Image by Nastya Dulhiier

What Makes Our

Offering Different:

cpITelecom’s Five Nines (99.999%) Assured Network gives you freedom in knowing that you'll experience a bulletproof network. Multiple bills, dealing with carriers, waiting on hold for hours, and unexpected costs are a thing of that past with our price guarantee that locks in your rates for the life of your more paying for multiple bills! Throw in our onsite support for the highest level of service in today’s market.

● We Guarantee At Least 99.999% Uptime Of Your Network
● We Offer Dual Power (A/C and D/C), Dual Carriers, & Dual LTE/5G

● We Lock In Your Rate For The Life Of Your Contract
● We Proactively Monitor The Entire Solution With Our 24x7 NOC
● We Automate Carrier Ticketing
● We Come To Site And Replace Any Failed Hardware

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Assured Network Powered By cpITelecom?
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