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Take Your Office With You

Need to make staying in touch more convenient for employees when they're out of the office?


Mobility puts desk phone features on all popular smartphones and tablets so your employees can stay in touch professionally no matter where they go. You can even find Mobility on the Apple Watch.


Convenience is Mobility 

Here's a good reason to fall in love with your mobile device all over again:

  • Stay connected everywhere, always, with Connect call handling and collaboration

  • Integrate with your calendar and show all scheduled calls and conferences

  • Click the Join button for direct access to GoTomeeting and WebEx conferences—forget complicated dial-ins and passcodes

  • Build stronger teams with peer-to-peer presence status, instant messaging and video calling

Transform Your Mobile Device Into A Mobile Workstation

While Maintaining A Professional Identity 

​Work like a pro from your favorite device—including the Apple Watch:

  • "Dual persona" separates business and personal calls on a single device—never reveals your personal number

  • Leverages VoIP over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G cellular data to keep connections up and costs down

  • Supports most popular smartphones and tablets. Look for your model here.

  • Enables the ShoreTel Dock to turn iPhones and iPads into fully-featured business phones

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