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Case Study

Healthcare and Rehabilitation


A  healthcare and rehabilitation company needed a refresh on its existing technology infrastructure.
The company’s multiple locations were functioning independently, and needed to be able to
collaborate and share resources like telephony, email, Internet, wireless, contact center and collaboration.

The CEO turned to their new trusted technology partner, to assess its infrastructure and evaluate options to assist with
their inefficient and slow resources. The partner, along with CPI, leveraged its network and equipment teams to determine the best
suited solutions and route of implementation.



CPI’s network team provided high-speed dual-carrier internet at each location for resiliency and bonded throughput
combined that was more than 50x the bandwidth they had originally.  A local analog line so that, in the event of a power outage, the customer would have a functioning phone.

For equipment, CPI implemented SD-WAN to provide site-to-site managed connectivity to act as a single location.
Wireless was included in this solution for mobility and local technology access from anywhere in the building.
CPI also provided and installed Office 365 with email, common calendar, Skype for Business, Instant Messaging and Sharepoint.

CPI successfully consolidated the customer’s bills and provided a comprehensive, unified solution that allowed its
employees to collaborate and overall increase productivity; voice quality has improved and data speeds have increased.
CPI’s back-office now provides 24/7 customer support, system upgrades and maintenance.

While the organization is a non-profit, the streamlined and upgraded technology and managed security solution has
allowed the company to grow with plans to open two locations in the next six months.


New sale : $9471mo  or total value of $340,956